About Foundation

The Foundation has been established to impart public education and increase awareness in the common public and general physicians for prevention and treatment in stroke. Minimally invasive neuro intervention techniques have revolutionized the treatment of carotid stenosis, acute strokes, brain aneurysm and AVMs. The foundation is dedicated to generate a wave of change and bring awareness in early treatment and prevention techniques in stroke.

The endeavour is to train and empower the physicians, patient’s first  point of contact in medical emergencies to deal handle an emergency like stroke.

1) To work like NGO to help/fulfill the corporate social Responsibility (CSR Services) and philanthropy goals of various corporate & non corporate entities.

2) To conduct Research, education and medical treatment for all kinds of Neurovascular disorders (including Stroke)

3) To provide services & information in relation to medical and healthcare services and to manage and/or facilitate such services to Indian citizens/ residents and foreigners by using experienced doctors in reputed hospitals on non commercial basis and subject to prevailing law

4) To start, establish, run, take over, manage or maintain hospitals, research centres, dispensaries, blood banks, or any other establishments for providing medical aid in any manner whatsoever on non commercial basis and subject to prevailing law

5) To provide relief to mankind in situations of natural/man made disasters like epidemics, floods, earthquake, drought, famine and war

6) No objects of the Company will be carried out without obtaining the prior approval/no objection certificate from the concerned authority wherever required/prescribed.